Urban life transport needs are quite diverse. What Veleon does is fulfill all these purposes in one product.

With its innovative tilting system, Veleon combines the comfort of dynamic two-wheel riding with the stability of a tricycle. You can ride it as dynamically as a bicycle. The modular concept adapts itself to your wishes: sometimes a transporter, sometimes a sports equipment. The light Veleon (26kg with cargo box) can transport up to 50kg in its box.
The possibility of separating the front part with just a couple of hand moves transforms Veleon in seconds from a tricycle into a stroller or a carrier, so that it can be pushed around shops or to your home. With its narrow design it fits through every standard door and into most elevators. Thanks to the optional integrated ISOFIX brackets in the box, most baby and child car seats fit Veleon easily. Even newborn babies can be transported safely. This makes Veleon experiancable for the whole family! With Veleon there is no need for any other kind of city bike. You have it all in Veleon!


The unique tilting mechanism is the heart of Veleon that allows you to tilt, even though it has 3 wheels. In free carving mode you can carve around the barriers of the urban jungle and the completely new dynamic riding pleasure of Veleon makes you as agile as on a bike. This is a real safety feature as you don't risk of tip over in spontaneous, narrow curves as you would with a rigid 3-wheeled bike.
The tilting can be limited and even completely locked by twisting a knob on the handlebar. Like this Veleon remains rigid when stationary and you can load your groceries or children into the cargo box without worrying about Veleon tipping over.
The tilt lock can even be used to stay seated at a red traffic light. As soon as the light turns green, you twist the knob back and the dynamic ride begins again.


Do you need a family transporter with rain protection for the children? Or a transporter in which you can leave things in the lockable box? Or do you simply want to enjoy the carving sensation of Veleon? With the different modules, Veleon perfectly adapts to your needs.
Most of the modules are easily mountable/detachable so that you can stay flexible in everyday life. And the best: normally the modules are upgradeable. You can start out with a basic cargo bike and upgrade it to a family vehicle as soon as you need it!


Three disc brakes ensure that Veleon is always safe even with the most dynamic driving style. Here you have a choice of hydraulic (includes parking brake feature) or mechanical brakes. Innovative cable steering provides the ideal steering angle for the two wheels.
The suspension of the front axis includes a fully adjustable air-spring-damper unit. You can choose between a chain or hub gear shift with up to 9 gears.

Veleon is available in two basic colors, Snow White and Deep Black. On special request your Veleon can be customized in one of the colors from the color table.

Technical Data

  • Length:
  • Length without box:
  • Width:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
26kg (Veleon with cargo box)
  • Max. load in box:
  • Volume of box:
  • Front wheels:
  • Rear wheel:
  • Axis-center distance:
    80 liter